Chelsey Christy koozie Colab


Chelsey Christy is a local Colorado artist who specializes in wildlife and nature inspired works. Her bright, almost abstract, paintings have a visual appeal but also have deeper symbolic meanings. She creates art to showcase the beauty and importance of nature with hopes to encourage others to respect it as well as enjoy it. Being an avid fly fisher and outdoor enthusiast, she strives to share her passion for the wilderness and open up conversations about conservation with her artwork.

Fly Fishing and drinking beer go hand in hand, so why not keep your beer close while on the river?

• Made from Recycled Sailcloth or Repurposed Waders.
• 3mm Neoprene insulation.
• 2.75 mm Sterling Rope cord strap.
• Fits a 12oz or 16oz beer can.

Handmade in Colorado.