About DFD

Behind every DFD bag is the idea that simple gear allows you to fish more.  This notion grew from my passion for good design.  Growing up hiking, camping and fishing in Connecticut and Colorado have contributed to this philosophy.


While living in New York City after college I grew to love its classic delicatessens. This is where the name Deli Fresh Design originated.


As someone who makes fly fishing gear I have a responsibility to help protect the environment.  By using materials made from plastic waste and by repurposing climbing rope and sail material in my bags, I hope to be a part of the solution rather than the problem.  Find out about our commitment to sustainability here.


Every DFD bag is designed, tested and sewn in Denver, Colorado using vintage Singer Sewing Machines from the 1910’s and 1950’s.  For photos of the DFD workshop, click here.


Ross White

Owner Operator


DFD and Urban Angling

A generation ago, our urban waterways were too polluted to support healthy aquatic life. Today, from the South Platte in Denver to the East River in New York, they are much cleaner.  Of course, we love getting to the backcountry when we can, but fishing in town is fun too.  


New York’s traditional delicatessen restaurants inspired the Deli Fresh name, just as casting for stripers in the East River’s furious Hell Gate first introduced us to the pleasures of urban angling.  


So get yourself a pastrami sandwich on rye and a cold beer from your favorite deli, and head to the river nearest you on a weekday afternoon. Maybe we’ll see you there!


Shipping & Local Pickup

We can’t afford to offer free shipping, but we encourage local pickups.  Enter our LOCALPICKUP discount code when you place your order.  We’d love to see you.


Wholesale pricing available  

Want to become a dealer?  Contact us at delifreshdesign@gmail.com.


Recent Press Coverage (click for link):

“Ross White is running down a dream,” Remote No Pressure Fly Fishing Podcast, Episode 26, December 2017.

“Deli Fresh Designs Flyfishing Apparel,” The Drake, for those who fish,August 2017.